Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

English - 16 -
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
Some, but not all channels send information about
the current and next programmes. Press the
button to view the EPG menu.
Up/Down/Left/Right: Navigate EPG.
OK: Displays programme options.
INFO (İ): Displays, in detail information on programme
GREEN: Displays the programmes of the next day.
YELLOW: Press the Yellow button to see events in
a wider time interval.
BLUE: displays ltering options.
(RECORD): the TV will start to record the selected
progamme. You can press again to stop the recording.
IMPORTANT: To record a programme, you should first
connect a USB disk to your TV while the TV is switched off.
You should then switch on the TV to enable recording feature.
Otherwise, recording feature will not be available.
Note: Switching to a different broadcast or source is not
available during the recording.
Programme Options
In EPG menu, press the OK button to enter the Event
Options menu.
Select Channel
In EPG menu, using this option, you can switch to the
selected channel.
Record / Delete Record Timer
After you have selected a programme in EPG menu,
press the OK button and and Options screen will be
displayed. Select “Record” option and press the OK
button. After this operation, a recording becomes set
to the selected programme.
To cancel an already set recording, highlight that
programme and press the OK button and select the
option “Delete Rec. Timer”. The recording will be
Set Timer / Delete Timer
After you have selected a programme in EPG menu,
press the OK button and and Options screen will
be displayed. Select “Set Timer on Event” option
and press OK button. You can set a timer for future
programmes. To cancel an already set timer, highlight
that programme and press the OK button. Then select
Delete Timer” option. The timer will be cancelled.
Note: It is not possible to record or set timer for two or more
individual events at the same time interval.
” Teletext / Mix: Activates video text mode when
pressed once (if available in your broadcast). Press
again to place the teletext screen over the programme
(mix). Pressing again will quit the teletext mode.
“BACK” Index: Selects the teletext index page.
“İ” Reveal: Shows hidden information (e.g. solutions
of games).
“OK” Hold: Holds a text page when convenient. Press
again to resume.
”/“ Subcode Pages: Selects subcode pages if
available when the teletext is activated.
P+ / P- and numbers (0-9): Press to select a page.
Note: Most TV stations use code 100 for their index pages.
Your TV supports both FASTEXT and TOP text
systems. When these systems are available, the
pages are divided into groups or topics. When
FASTEXT system is available, sections in a teletext
page will become colour-coded and can be selected
by pressing the coloured buttons. Press a coloured
button that corresponds to with your needs. The
coloured writings will appear, showing you which
coloured buttons to use when TOP text transmission
is present. Pressing “ ” or “ ” commands will request
the next or previous page respec tively.
Digital Teletext (for UK only)
• Press the “ ” button. The digital teletext information
appears. Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor
buttons and OK button.
The operation method may differ depending on the
contents of the digital teletext. Follow the instructions
displayed on digital teletext screen.
When the “ ” button is pressed again, the TV returns
to television broadcasting.
Recording a Programme
IMPORTANT: When using a new USB hard disk drive, it is
recommended that you rst format the disk using your TV’s
“Format Disk” option.
Your TV supports recording of digital broadcasts. To do
this a USB stroge device should be connected to the
TV. The TV should be switched off while connecting
the storage device. Then switch on the TV to enable
recording feature.
The connected USB device should have at least 2
GB capacity and should have USB 2.0 compatibility.
Otherwise an error message will be displayed.
To record long duration programmes such as movies,
it is recommended to use USB Hard disk drives
If the writing speed of the connected USB disk is not
sufcient, recording may fail and timeshifting feature
may not be available.