Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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(The TV changes according to the behavior of the
Note: This feature can be used only if the mobile device
supports Miracast. Scanning and connecting processes differ
according to the programme you use. Android based mobile
devices should have the software version V4.1.2 and above.
Using DLNA Network Service
The DLNA standard allows you to view and play
photos, music and videos stored in a DLNA compliant
media server connected to your home network.
Install Nero Media Home software (for PC’s or
laptops) or appropriate sharing software (for other
Nero MediaHome software download link (for PC only):
The DLNA function cannot be used if the server
programme is not installed onto your PC. Prepare your
PC with the Nero Media Home programme. Install the
propriate application onto your mobile device.
Enable Media Renderer feature
Press MENU button. Select Settings and press OK.
Highlight Media Renderer and set as Enabled.
Connect to a Wired or Wireless Network
See the previous chapters for detailed information.
Play Shared Files via Media Browser
Select Media Browser from the main menu and press
OK. The Media browser will then be displayed.
DLNA support is only available in Folder mode. To
enable folder mode, select to the Settings tab in the
main media browser menu and press OK. Highlight
View Style and set as to Folder. Press the BACK
button to go to upper menu. Select the desired media
type and press OK.
If sharing congurations are set properly, the device
selection OSD will be displayed after selecting the
desired media type. Select media server or network
that you want to connect and press OK.
Subtitle les do not work if you watch videos from your
network through DLNA.
You can connect only one television with DLNA to
the same network. If a problem occurs with the DLNA
network, please switch your television off at the wall
socket and back on again. Trick mode and jump are
not supported with the DLNA function.
There may be some PC’s which may not be able to
utilize the DLNA function due to administrator and
security settings (such as business PC’s).
Internet Portal
Portal feature adds your TV a feature that allows you
to connect to a server on the Internet and view the
content provided by this server over your Internet
connection. Portal feature allows you to view the
music, video, clip or web content with defined
shortcuts. Net TV provides variety of services for each
country. Whether you can view the provided content
without interruption depends on the connection speed
provided by your internet service provider.
Press “ ” button on the remote to open internet portal
page. You will see icons of the available applications
and services on the portal screen. Use the navigaiton
buttons on your remote to select the desired one.
You may view the desired content by pressing OK
after selecting. To perform searches on the web and
within the available applications on the portal highlight
search and press OK. Enter a keyword in the search
dialog box. Highlight Start Search and press OK
button on the remote. Press BACK/RETURN button
to return back to the previous screen or EXIT to quit
internet portal mode
Note: Possible application dependent problems may be
caused by the content service provider.
• Because Net TV is an online system, it can be modied over
time to better serve its purpose.
Some Net TV services may be added, changed or
discontinued after some time.
• Some open internet websites may not be tailored for a TV
screen and may not be displayed correctly.
• You cannot download and save les nor install plug-ins.
• SHARP bears no responsibility regarding the content and
quality of the content provided by the content serve provider.
Netix is a provider of on-demand internet streaming
media. Press the NETFLIX button on the remote to
launch the application.