Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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4. Check if you have entered the correct frequency. if
you have done manual tuning.
5. Please retune the channels.
6. The picture quality may degrade when two devices
are connected to the TV at the same time. In such a
case, disconnect one of the devices.
No picture
1. No Picture means that your TV is not receiving a
transmission. Have you selected the correct button on
the remote control? Try once more. Also make sure
the correct input source has been selected.
2. Is the aerial connected properly?
3. Are the plugs connected tightly to the aerial socket?
4. Is the aerial cable damaged?
5. Are suitable plugs used to connect the aerial?
6. If you are in doubt, consult your dealer.
Strange, light, dark colour or colour misalignment
Adjust the picture settings. Press the MENU button
and select Picture. Press OK to open the Picture
Settings menu.
Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in
a room that is too bright.
No sound
1. Has the TV been set to mute? To cancel mute,
press the “ ” button, or increase the volume level.
2. Sound is coming from only one speaker. Is the
balance set to one extreme? See Sound Menu
Remote control - does not operate
Your TV no longer responds to the remote control. The
batteries may be exhausted, if so you can still use the
control buttons on the TV. (* Is only possible if they
are not blocked by parental control.)
Power is suddenly turned off
The TV’s internal temperature has increased.
Remove any objects blocking the vent or clean.
Is a sleep timer set? Press the MENU button and
select Settings. Select Timers in the sub-menu
and press OK. Press Left or Right button to set the
Sleep Timer as Off.
Is Auto TV OFF function is activated? Press the
MENU button and select Settings. Than select Other
Settings and press OK. In the sub-menu highlight
Auto TV OFF and press Left or Right button to set
as Off.
Input sources - can not be selected
1. If you cannot select an input source, it is possible
that no device is connected.
2. Check the AV cables and connections if you have
tried to connect a device.
Recording Unavailable
To record a programme, you should rst connect
a USB disk to your TV while the TV is switched
off. You should then switch on the TV to enable
recording feature. Otherwise, recording feature will
not be available. If you cannot perform recording, try
switching off the TV and then re-inserting the USB
device while the TV is switched off.
USB Is too Slow
If “USB disk writing speed too slow to record
message is displayed on the screen while starting a
recording, try restarting the recording. If you still get
the same error, it is possible that your USB disk does
not meet the speed requirements. Try connecting
another USB disk.
Internet Connection Not Available / DLNA Mode
Not Operating
Check if the ethernet cable is connected properly.
Check if the Network settings are correct.
If the MAC address (a unique identier number) of
your PC or modem has been permanently registered,
it is possible that your TV might not connect to
the internet. In such a case, the MAC address is
authenticated each time when you connect to the
internet. This is a precaution against unauthorized
access. Since your TV has its own MAC address,
your internet service provider cannot validate the MAC
address of your TV. For this reason, your TV cannot
connect to the internet. Contact your internet service
provider and request information on how to connect
a different device, such as your TV, to the internet.
It is also possible that the connection may not be
available due to a firewall problem. If you think
this causes your problem, contact your internet
service provider. A rewall might be the reason of a
connectivity and discovery problem while using the TV
in DLNA mode or while browsing via DLNA.
Invalid Domain
Ensure that you have already logged on to your PC
with an authorized username/password and also
ensure that your domain is active, prior to sharing
any les in your DLNA server program on your PC. If
the domain is invalid, this might cause problems while
browsing les in DLNA mode.
The TV sometimes makes a cracking sound.
This is not a malfunction. This happens when the
cabinet slightly expands or contracts according to the
changes in the ambient temperature. This does not
affect the TV’s performance.
Miracast image/audio cannot be output to
the TV.
Check if the pairing is made properly.