Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Environmental Information
This television is designed to consume less energy
to help save the environment. To reduce energy
consumption, you should take the following steps:
You can use Power Save Mode setting, located
in the Picture menu. If you set Power Save Mode
as Eco, the TV will switch to energy-saving mode
and luminance level of TV set will be decreased to
optimum level. Note that some picture settings will be
unavailable to be changed when the TV is in Power
Save Mode.
When you press the right button on the remote while
Power Save Mode is set to “Eco”, “Screen will be
off in 15 seconds.” message will be displayed on
the screen. If the Power Save Mode option is set to
Disabled” press the left button. Select PROCEED
and press OK to continue. The screen will turn off
immediately. If you do not press any buttons the
screen will turn off after 15 seconds.
If you disable Power Save Mode, the picture mode
will be automatically set to Dynamic except the Mode
is set to Game or Sports.
When the TV is not in use, please switch off or
disconnect the TV from the mains plug. This will also
reduce energy consumption.
Disconnect power when going away for longer time.
It is highly recommended to activate Power Save Mode
setting to reduce your annual power consumption. And
also it is recommended to disconnect the TV from the
mains plug to save energy more when you do not use.
Please help us to save environment by following
these steps.
Package Contents
Remote Control
Batteries: 2 X AAA
Quick Guide
1 X Video & Audio Connection
Note: You should check the accessories after purchasing.
Make sure that each accessory is included.
As the manufacturer’s specification supports
communication on cable lengths shall be smaller
than 3m.
TV Control button & Operation
1. Up direction
2. Down direction
3. Volume / Info / Sources List selection and
Standby-On switch
The Control button allows you to control the Volume
/ Programme / Source and Standby-On functions of
the TV.
, switch is used for turning the TV on or off.
The position of the power switch may differ depending
on the model.