Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Nero MediaHome Installation
To install Nero MediaHome, please proceed as
Note: To use DLNA function, this software should be installed
to your PC.
1. Enter the link below completely in the adress-bar
of your web browser.
2. Click the Download button on the opening page.
The installation le will be downloaded onto your
3. After the download is completed, double click on
the installation le to start the installation. The
installation wizard will guide you through the
installation process.
4. The prerequisites screen will be displayed rst.
The installation wizard checks the availability
of required third-party software on your PC. If
applications are missing they are listed and must
be installed before continuing installation.
5. Click the Install button. The integrated serial will
be displayed. Please do not change the displayed
6. Click the Next button. The License Conditions
(EULA) screen will be displayed. Please read
the license agreement carefully and select the
appropriate check box if you agree to the terms of
the agreement. Installation is not possible without
this agreement.
7. Click the Next button. On the next screen you can
set your installation preferences.
8. Click the Install button. The installation begins
and nishes automatically. A progress bar will
indicate the state of the installation process.
9. Click the Finish button. The installation is
completed. You will be directed to the web site of
the nero software.
10. A shortcut is now placed on your desktop.
Congratulations! You successfully installed Nero
MediaHome on your PC.
Run Nero MediaHome by double clicking on the shortcut