Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Broadband ISP
LAN (ethernet)
LAN input on the rear
side of the TV
Wireless connection
To connect the TV to the home network wirelessly
just select Network Type as Wireless Device in
Network Settings menu and press OK button.
The TV will search for available networks. Select
the desired network and press OK. The TV has a
built-in WLAN system and has no need for additional
devices to connect to a wireless network.
TV (Built-In WLAN system)
About Using Connectivity Feature
PC/HDD/Media Player or any other devices that are
DLNA 1.5 compatible should be used with wired
connection for higher playback quality.
Install Nero Media Home software to your PC to use
it as a media server.
While using the wireless connection type, consider
that the TV cannot connect to the networks with
hidden SSID.
Conguring Network Settings
Your TV’s network settings include wired and wireless
connection options. If you are connecting the TV via
ethernet input, select Network Type as Wired Device.
Select Wireless Device option if you are going to
connect the TV to your network wirelessly.
After selecting Network Type press OK to connect.
You can press YELLOW button to scan available
networks for wireless connection. Afterwards, a list of
networks will be displayed. Select your network from
the list and press OK.
If the selected network is protected with a password,
key in the correct code. You can also use virtual
keyboard to enter the password.
Wait until the IP the address is shown on the screen.
This means that the connection is now established.
To disconnect from a network, you should highlight
Network Type and press OK.
Information On Menu Items
Network Type: Network type can be selected as
Wired or Wireless device, in accordance with the active
connection to the TV set.
Conguration Status: This section displays the
status of the connection.
IP Address: If an active connection is available, the IP
address will be displayed on this section. If you want
to congure IP address preferences, press GREEN
button and switch to the advanced mode.
Connecting to your mobile device via WiFi
If your mobile device has WiFi feature, you can
connect it to your TV via a router, in order to access
the content in your device. For this, your mobile device
must have an appropriate sharing software.
Connect your mobile device to the router/modem and
then activate the sharing software on your mobile
device. Then, select les that you want to share with
your TV.
If the connection is established correctly, you will be
able to access the shared les from your mobile device
via the Media Browser of your TV.
Enter the Media Browser menu and the playback
device selection OSD will be displayed. Select your
mobile device and press the OK button to continue.
If available, you can download a virtual remote
controller application from the server of your mobile
device application provider. You can control the TV via
your wireless handheld device using this application.
To do this enable the Virtual Remote feature from the
Settings/Other Settings menu by pressing Left or
Right button. Connect the TV and the mobile device
to the same network and start the application.
Note: This feature may not be supported on all mobile
When you connect a device such as a Miracast
compatible smartphone or tablet to this TV, you can
enjoy video and audio from the device on the TV’s
large screen and speakers.
1. Switch the TV source to “ Screen Mirroring”.
2. Enable the Miracast function on the Miracast
supported device and connect to the TV.