Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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HBBTV System
HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a
standard that seamlessly combines TV services
delivered via broadcast with services delivered via
broadband and also enables access to Internet only
services for consumers using connected TVs and set-
top boxes. Services delivered through HbbTV include
traditional broadcast TV channels, catch-up services,
video-on-demand, EPG, interactive advertising,
personalisation, voting, games, social networking and
other multimedia applications.
HbbTV applications are available on channels where
they are signalled by the broadcaster (currently
various channels on Astra broadcast HbbTV
applications). The broadcaster marks one application
as “autostart” and this one is started by the platform
automatically. The applications are generally launched
with a small red button icon to notify the user that
there is an HbbTV application on that channel (The
shape and the location of the red button depends on
the application). The red button is displayed for some
and then may disappear. The user then should press
the red button to open the application page. After the
page is displayed the user can go back to the initial
red button icon state by pressing the red button again.
The user can toggle between the red button icon mode
and full UI mode of the application via pressing red
button. It should be noted that the red button switching
capability is provided by the application and some
application may behave differently.
Figure x: Service with red button application (taken
from HbbTV specication)
If you switch to another channel while an HbbTV
application is active (either in red button icon mode
or full UI mode), the following scenarios can occur.
The application can continue running.
The application can be terminated.
The application can be terminated and another
autostart red button application can be launched.
HbbTv allows the applications to be retrieved both
from broadband or broadcast. The broadcaster may
enable both ways or one of them. If the platfrom does
not have an operational broadband connection, the
platform can still launch applications transmitted on
The autostart red button applications generally provide
links to other applications. An example of this is shown
below. The user then can switch to other applications
by using the links provided. The applications should
provide a way to terminate themselves, usually Exit
button is used for this.
Figure a: Start bar application
Figure b: EPG application, broadcast video is shown
on the left bottom, can be terminated by pressing 0.
HbbTv applications use keys on the remote control to
interact with the user. When an HbbTv applications is
launched, the control of some keys are owned by the
application. For example, numeric channel selection
may not work on a teletext application where the
numbers indicate teletext pages.
HbbTv requires AV streaming capability for the
platform. There are numerous applications providing
VOD (video on demand) and catch-up TV services.
The user can use play, pause, stop, forward, and
rewind keys on the remote control to interact with
the AV content
Note: You can enable or disable this feature from the Other
Settings menu in Settings menu. This feature is not availlable
for UK models.