Sharp C-40LE362EN Flat Panel Television User Manual

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Do not try to recharge batteries, there is a danger
of explosion. Replace batteries only with the same
or equivalent type.
Batteries should not be exposed to excessive heat
such as sunshine, re or the like.
This symbol on the product or on its
packaging means that your electrical
and electronic device should be disposed
at the end of its service life separately
from your household wastes. There are
separate collection systems for recycling
in the EU. For more information, please
contact the local authority or the dealer
where you purchased the product.
Disconnecting the Device
The mains plug is used to disconnect the TV set
from the mains and therefore it must remain readily
Headphone Volume
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and
headphones can cause hearing loss.
To prevent injury, this device must be securely
attached to the wall in accordance with the installation
instructions when mounted to the wall (if the option
is available).
LCD Screen
The LCD panel is a very high technology product with
about a million thin  lm transistors, giving you ne
picture details. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels
may appear on the screen as a  xed blue, green or
red point. Please note that this does not affect the
performance of your product.
Do not leave your TV in standby or operating mode
when you leave your house.
Connection to a Television Distribution
System (Cable TV etc.) from Tuner
Device connected to the protective earthing of the
building installation through the mains connection or
through other apparatus with a connection to protective
earthing-and to a television distribution system using
coaxial cable, may in some circumstances create a
re hazard.
Connection to a cable distribution system has
therefore to be provided through a device providing
electrical isolation below a certain frequency range
(galvanic isolator, see EN 60728-11).
Note:The HDMI connection between PC and TV may cause
radio interference in which case it is recommended to use
VGA(DSUB-15) connection.
The Standby Off/On button doesn´t separate this
device completely from mains. Moreover the device
consumes power in the standby operation. In order to
separate the device completely from mains, the mains
plug has to be pulled from the mains socket. Because
of that the device should be set up in a way, that an
unobstructed access to mains socket is guaranteed,
so that in case of emergency the mains plug can be
pulled immediately. To exclude the danger of re, the
power cord should principally be separated from the
mains socket prior to a longer period of non-usage,
i.e. during vacations.
Electrical device not in the hands of
Never let children use any electrical device
unsupervised. Children cannot always recognise
possible dangers. Batteries / accumulators can be
life threatening when swallowed. Store batteries out
of the reach of small children. In case of swallowing
a battery medical aid has to be sought immediately.
Also keep the packaging foils away from children as
there is danger of suffocation.