RCA D52W27D TV DVD Combo User Manual

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Chapter 7 49
Chapter 7: Information Displays
Using the Info Display
Your TV/DVD gives you many options when playing different types of discs. You can access these features through the on-
screen Info Display.
To access the Info Display while a disc is playing, press INFO on the remote. The Info Display appears across the top of the
screen. Each of the playback features is represented by an icon. To access a feature, use the arrow buttons on the remote to
highlight the icon. Each feature that can be accessed from the On-Screen Info Display is described on the following pages.
To clear the Info Display from the screen, press INFO on the remote control.
Note: The DVD Info Display is described on page 23.
Using the Time Display
The Clock part of the Info Display shows the current disc time. To see the current disc time:
1. Press INFO on the remote (the Info Display appears).
2. Highlight the Clock icon. Press OK. The amount of time the track has played appears in the time
3. Press INFO to clear the screen.
Selecting a Specic Track
1. Press INFO on the remote.
2. Highlight the Track icon.
3. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter the track number you want to play, or use the up/
down arrow buttons to scroll through the track numbers. You may need to press the OK button on
the remote after you enter a single digit track number.
Audio CD Info Display
mp3 Info Display
Video CD Info Display
Play Mode
Play Mode