Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Changing the battery
1. Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray.
2. Insert the 1 x lithium battery, type CR 2025 3V battery with the stamped (+) mark
facing upward. Insert the battery tray into the remote control.
 Store the battery where children cannot reach. If a child accidentally swallows the battery, consult a
doctor immediately.
 Do not recharge, short, disassemble or heat the battery or dispose it in a fire.
 Do not expose or bring into contact the battery with other metallic materials. Doing this may cause the
battery to give off heat, crack or start a fire.
 When throwing away or saving the battery, wrap it in tape and insulate; otherwise, the battery may give
off heat, crack or start a fire.