Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Display setup:
 TV Display setup
Set TFT screen mode to the correct ratio:
Three screen ratio modes are available, Normal/PS (4:3 Pan Scan),
Normal/LB (4:3 Letterbox) and Wide (16:9). Different disc formats will
display different images depending this setting and the screen size used.
 TV Type setup
Select this menu item to set up your preferred video output format. PAL is
commonly used in Europe. NTSC is commonly used in the USA and
Japan. Auto is commonly used automatically.
 Angle mark setup
When playing a DVD disc and you have selected ON, then the screen will show the angle mark. This will give
you the possibility to view multi angle DVD’s.
 Screen Saver setup
When playing a DVD disc and you have selected ON, the screen will enter Screen Saver function if you stop
played about 3 minutes.
Audio setup:
 Digital output setup
Select the current SPDIF output setting for the optical digital audio
transmissions. If you want to use the Optical terminal output for AC3
Dolby Digital Audio, you need to set the audio output to “BTS”(for
DTS/AC3) or “LPCM”(for 2 channel [stereo] Digital mode). Select
Manual when you want to select the type of Optical Output mode
 Down Mix setup