Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Disc glossary
PBC (PlayBack Control)
PBC is a menu recorded on the disc with SVCD or VCD2.0 format. For the discs contained PBC, it can
playback interactive software with the menu displayed on TV. And if the disc contains still images, it can
playback high definition of still image.
The title is the important part of DVD disc. The memory volume of the disc is rather big, that makes possible to
record several films on one disc. For example, if a disc contains three films, they may be divided into Title 1,
Title 2 and Title 3. You can easy use the functions of looking-for.
A title can be divided into several blocks, so that every block can be operated as a unit, the unit is called
chapter. The chapter contains a unit at least.
It is the biggest component of VCD. Generally, every song of karaoke disc is a track.