Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Repeat playback
Press RPT button to start repeat playing. Press one more time to cancel. The repeating sequence:
In MP3 mode: FILE => FOLDER => ALL.
In DVD mode: Repeat OFF => Repeat TITLE => Repeat Chapter.
In CD mode: Disc => Track.
Note: to choose FOLDER repeating and TITLE repeating press and hold RPT button.
Changing angle (for DVD only)
If DVD disc supports multi-angle playback, press ANGLE button on the RC to playback images in different
camera angles. If discs doesn't support multi-angle playback, this function will not work.
Selecting audio languages
During DVD disc playback press AUDIO button on RC repeatedly to select the audio language to listen (if the
disc supports multi-language mode).
Selecting the channel (for VCD only)
During VCD disc playback press AUDIO button on the RC to select the channel: L-mono => R-mono =>Mix
mono => Stereo.
Selecting subtitle language (for DVD only)
Subtitle language is in disc initiation setting during playback. Press SUBTITLE button on the RC repeatedly to
switch among disc-supported languages.
Changing size (for DVD/VCD)
During playback press and hold A-B/ZOOM button on the RC. The picture will be enlarged accordingly: X2=>
X3=> X4=> X1/2=> X1/3=> X1/4=>Normal.