Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Loading a disc
Turn the power on. Press OPEN button on the panel. Insert the disc with the printed side facing upward into the
slot. Press EJECT button on the inner side to eject the disc.
Inserting the SD/MMC card/USB device
Insert the MMC/SD card or USB device into MMC/SD compartment or USB socket. Then the playing mode
will be changed into MMC/SD or USB mode automatically. The first card/USB device track playback will
Note: When MMC/SD card and USB device are both inserted into their compartment or socket, the playing
mode will be changed into the mode of the later one.
When the disc/card/USB device has been already loaded the playback of the first track starts automatically. To
ensure good system performance, wait until the unit finishes reading the disc information before proceeding. Or
press PLAY/PAUSE button to start playback. Press it again to pause the playback. Press again to resume the
Playing the previous/next track
During playback press PREVIOUS button to play the previous track. Press NEXT button to play the next track.
Scanning forward and backward
Press and hold PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons to select the speed of fast backward/forward playing.
Note: During the disc playback when fast backward/forward playback gets to the beginning of the playing
another track, it resumes normal playback.