Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

MP3 overview
Notes on MP3:
 MP3 is short for MPEG Audio Layer 3 and refers to an audio compression technology standard.
 This product allows playback of MP3 files on CD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW discs.
 The unit can read MP3 files written in the format compliant with ISO 9660. However it does not support
the MP3 data written by the method of packet write.
 The unit can not read an MP3 file that has a file extension other than “.mp3”.
 If you play a non- MP3 file that has the “.mp3” extension, you may hear some noise.
 In this manual, we refer to what are called “MP3 file” and “folder” in PC terminology as “track” and
“album”, respectively.
 Maximum number of directory level is 8, including the root directory. Maximum number of files and
folders per disc is 256.
 The unit may not play tracks in the order of Track numbers.
 The unit plays only the audio tracks if a disc contains both audio tracks and MP3 files.
 When playing a disc of 8 kbps or “VBR”, the elapsed playing time in the display window will not be
correct and also the intro play may not function properly. “VBR”: Variable Bit Rate.
 The unit supports the playback of WMA files. The playback of ID3 tags for WMA format is not
guaranteed, it depends on versions and availability of Cyrillic alphabet.
 WMA (Windows Media Audio) – music data compression format, created by Microsoft Corporation. This
format uses coding algorithm for compression of initial audio-record, greatly decreasing the file size, but,
saving the good sound quality even when the bit rate is low (for example, 64 Kbit/s).