Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Press DOWN arrow to enter the sub-menu. If you want analog stereo signals, set the sound mode to
“STEREO”. If you want to have Dolby Pro Logic stereo (the decoded signal will create a 2ch reality simulating
effect), select ”LT/RT”
 Dual Mono setup
Select the type of output of the Left and Right audio output connectors. Stereo is normal Stereo, L-Mono is all
sound on the Left Audio output, R-Mono is all sound on the Right channel. The “Mix-Mono” function only
works when a DVD is being played in DTS 5.1 mode.
 Dynamic setup
This function is to adjust the linear compression rate to obtain the different compression results of the signals.
Standard set to “OFF”
 LPCM Output setup
If you connect the DVD Player to a PCM compatible receiver via the digital terminals, such as coaxial or
optical etc, you may need to adjust LPCM OUTPUT.
Discs are recorded at a certain sampling rate. The higher the sampling rate, the better the sound quality.
48KHZ -> Playback a disc recorded at the sampling rate of 48kHz.
96KHZ -> Playback a disc recorded at the sampling rate of 96kHz.
Parental setup:
 Change setup
With this option you can change your password protection. The default
password is 0000
 Parent setup
For DVD discs, which support this system, parents can prohibit watching
content that might be inadvisable for children (use LEFT/RIGHT cursor
buttons to choose rating code, then enter password to confirm).
 Default setup