Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Din rear-mount (method 2)
Installation using the screw holes at both sides of the unit.
1. Select a position where the screw holes of the main unit are fitted for aligned, and tighten the screws at 2
positions at each sides. Use either truss screws (5 x 8mm) or flush surface screws (4 x 8mm), depending on
the shape of the screw holes in the bracket.
2. Screw.
3. Factory radio mounting bracket.
4. Dashboard or Console.
5. Hook (Remove this parts).
Note: The mounting box, outer trim ring, and the half-sleeve are not used for this method of
Detaching the front panel
1. Press OPEN button on the front panel. The panel will go down (pic. 1).
2. Push the panel to the right and then pull it towards you (pic. 2).
Pic. 1 Pic. 2