Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Notes on creating your own CD-R or CD-RW containing MP3 files:
 To enjoy high quality sound, we recommend converting to MP3 files with a sampling frequency of 44.1
kHz and a fixed bit rate o f 128 kbps.
 DO NOT store more than 256 MP3 files per disc.
 For ISO 9660 - compliant format, the maximum allowable depth of nested folders is 8, including the root
directory (folder).
 When CD-R disc is used, playback is possible only for discs, which have been finalized.
 Make sure that when MP3 CD-R or CD-RW is burned that it is formatted as a data disc and NOT as an
audio disc.
 You should not write non-MP3 files or unneeded folders along with MP3 files on the disc otherwise it
takes a long time until the unit starts to play MP3 files.
 With some CD-R or CD-RW media, data may not be properly written depending on its manufacturing
quality. In this case, data may not be reproduced correctly. High quality CD-R or CD-RW disc is
 Up to 16 characters are displayed for the name of an Album or a Track. ID3TAG version 1.x is required.
 Note that the unit may not play Tracks in the order that you wrote them to the disc.