Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Attention: Remove the transport CD stopper (2 screws) before use.
Din front-mount (method 1)
After inserting the holder into the dashboard, select the appropriate tab
and bend them inwards to secure the holder in place.
1. Dashboard
2. Nut (5mm)
3. Spring washer
4. Screw (5 x 25mm)
5. Screw
6. Strap
7. Plain washer
Removing the unit
 Insert fingers into the groove in the front of frame and pull out to remove
the frame. (When reattaching the frame, point the side with a groove
down wards and attach it.)
 Insert the levers supplied with the unit into the grooves at both sides of
the unit as shown in figure until they click. Pulling the levers makes it
possible to remove the unit from the dashboard.