Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

A-B segment repeating
Press A-B/ZOOM button to set A position, press one more time to set B position and start A-B repeating. Press
this button one more time to cancel the repeating function.
OSD (OnScreen Display) function
Press OSD button on the RC repeatedly to show the disc information, such as: the Number of track, Current
track time elapsed => Current track time remain => Total tracks time elapsed => Total tracks time remain,
Menu navigation (for DVD only)
Title playing:
- Press TITLE button on the RC to activate the disc title list on the screen.
- Choose the desired title.
- Press ENTER button or PLAY/PAUSE button to confirm the selected item and start playing.
PBC (Playback Control) function (for VCD only)
If you insert a VCD with PBC, playback starts from the beginning of the 1st track automatically.
1. Press and hold STOP/PBC button on the RC to activate PBC menu on screen during playback.
2. If the menu consists of a list of titles, you can select a desired one using cursor buttons on the RC.
3. The VCD starts playing the selected title automatically or press PLAY/ PAUSE button to confirm the
selected track for playback.
4. Press STOP/PBC button to return to menu.
5. Press and hold STOP/PBC again to exit menu.