Hyundai H-CMD7080 DVD Player User Manual

Turn BEEP ON if you want the pressing of buttons to be sounded. Press SEL Button until the display shows
BEEP, then use the VOL+/- Button to turn BEEP sound on or off or 2
(you hear BEEP sound when you press
the button over 1.5 seconds).
Turning the sound off
Press MUTE button to turn the sound off. Press it again or press VOL+/- buttons on the RC or rotate VOL knob
on the panel to turn the sound on.
Mode setting
Press MODE button on the panel repeatedly to select: TUNER => DVD (if inserted) => USB (if USB device is
inserted) => SD (if the flash card is inserted) => AUX.
Equalizer setting
Press and hold DSP button to select the equalizer mode: FLAT => CLASSICS => POP M => ROCK M =>
AUX in jack
Intended to receive audio signals by connecting to outside input device. Video signals are received and
outputted by Video in (yellow) and Video line-out cable.