RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

18 Chapter 1 Connections and Setup
Plug in TV/DVD
Plug the end of the power cord into the back of the TV/DVD. Plug the other end into an outlet.
Insert the plug completely into the outlet. Do not plug into an outlet controlled by a light switch.
Put Batteries in Remote
Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the remote by pushing the tab
and lifting off the cover.
Insert two fresh batteries. Make sure the polarities (+ and -) are aligned correctly.
Replace the cover.
Turn on TV/DVD
Turn on your TV/DVD by pressing the Power button ( ) on the side of the TV or ON•OFF on
the remote control.
How to Use Remote Control to Complete
Initial Setup
The technical term is “Navigation” - how you move through the on-screen menus. The theory
is the same throughout the menu screens: highlight your choice and select it.
To highlight a menu item, press the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight one of the items
listed on the screen. Use the up or down arrow button to move up or down. Use the right or
left arrow button to view other selections for a menu choice or to display a sub-menu.
Note: Highlighted
means that the menu
item stands out from
other menu items on
the list (appears
darker, brighter, or a
different color).