RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

Using the Remote Control Chapter 2 23
2 Using the Remote Control
Remote control part number RC2254702/01
Note: If you need to replace your
remote, call 1-800-338-0376. A
shipping and handling fee, and the
appropriate sales tax, will be charged
upon ordering. Have your Visa,
MasterCard, or Discover Card ready.
Remote Control Buttons
TV Functions
Alphanumeric Buttons Enter channel number and options with letters,
using these buttons.
To enter a channel, press the number buttons and press OK.
To enter a digital channel with a sub-channel, enter the main channel, then
press the right arrow button to enter the sub-channel and press OK.
Arrows( / / / ) Used to highlight different items in the TV menu and to
adjust the menu controls. When viewing a channel, arrow functions are as
Left arrow/FORMAT Press to change the screen format: Normal, Zoom,
Center, Stretch. Go to page 37 for more information on screen formats.
Right arrow/GUIDE Press this button first to display the electronic program
guide-EPG (when available), press again to view the program in the schedule.
UP arrow/INFO Press the up arrow once to display the channel banner,
press again to remove the menu.
Down arrow/PRESETS Press this button to enter the PRESET menu.
Display Picture preset; CC Setting; Current Audio Track.
CC Takes user directly into the Closed Caption submenu.
CH + or CH - Scans up or down through the current channel list. Press once
to change the channel up or down; press and hold to continue changing
CH List When you tune to a particular channel, press button to enter the List
and Labels menu directly to add/ remove the channel from channel list.
CANCEL Removes any menu or display from the screen and returns you to
normal viewing.
DVD Places the remote in DVD mode. If Autotuning is enabled, turns on the TV
and tunes it to the DVD Channel. This button lights when you press a valid
button in DVD mode (see Modes of Operation on page 28 for more details).
F1-F4 Favorite channel buttons. You can set one of the favorite channel
buttons (F1/F2/F3/F4) to the current channel by holding the button for a couple
of seconds. Each button can be set to a favorite channel at one time, but you
can change the setting many times.
GO BACK Returns you to the previous channel.
INPUT Accesses the available video input channels (WATCH TV, CMPT,
HDMI1, HDMI2, VID1, VID2, and PC). To resume TV viewing, press the number
buttons to enter the channel or press CH+ or CH- buttons.
MENU Brings up the Main Menu.
MUTE Reduces the TV’s volume to its minimum level. Press again to restore
the volume.
OK When in the menu system, selects highlighted items.