RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

Using TV Features Chapter 3 37
Change Password
This option let you set a new V-chip password.
1. Press MENU on the remote control (the TV's Main Menu appears).
2. Select Parental Control.
3. Select Change Password and press OK to display the password resetting menu.
4. Using number buttons to enter the new password, press OK. Enter the new password
again and press OK to confirm.
Additional Features
There are additional features available unrelated to parental controls. These features can be
found in other menus.
Screen Formats
Screen format is the way the picture is displayed on your TV. Press the FORMAT button on
your remote to see if a different format is available for the video you are viewing. The format
changes as you press the FORMAT button and the format type is displayed at the bottom of
the screen.
Analog video is sent in a 4/3 format, which your TV displays in a 16/9 format. Most digital
video is sent in a 16/9 format which does fill your screen, but sometimes it is sent in 4/3 which
does not fill your screen. It depends on how the station or device connected to your TV is
formatting the video. If there are bars on the screen, press the FORMAT button to try a different
format that may eliminate the bars. Some bars can't be removed because of the way the
format is sent by the broadcaster.
The different formats available and what they look like follow. Each format is available for
analog video, but it might not be available for digital video.
Change Password
Press OK when finished.
Create Password - - - -
Confirm Password - - - -
Normal Zoom
Stretch Center