RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

32 Chapter 3 Using TV Features
3 Using TV Features
Channel Banner
There are several indicators that might appear when you press the INFO button on the remote.
This display is called the Channel Banner. The following list describes the items on the Channel
Banner screen (left to right and top to bottom).
Parent Control The Parent Control state (locked or unlocked) of the current program.
TV-G Rating information of the current program
Stereo If the current channel is analog, Stereo appears when broadcasting in
stereo and Mono appears when the current channel is broadcasting in
mono. If the current channel is digital, this space will be blank.
SAP If the current channel is analog, this will show it’s broadcasting SAP
(Second Audio Program) information. If the current channel is digital,
this will show language.
HDTV 720p Broadcast signal resolution
CC Closed Captioning is available on the current channel.
D 10 CBS The D means it's a digital channel. If it's an analog channel, A
is displayed. The channel, sub-channel (if available for digital
channels) and program (only for digital channels) you're currently
viewing are displayed.
Stretch Current screen format. If there are bars on the screen, you might be able
to get rid of them by pressing the FORMAT button on the remote. Go
to page 37 for more information on screen formats.
ZZZ 25min. Current time left on sleep timer, if the sleep timer is set.
06:05 PM Current time
The Autotuning feature automatically tunes the TV/DVD to the correct video input channel for
different devices you have connected to your TV/DVD. When you set up Autotuning in the menu
system you don’t have to remember to change your TV/DVD to the VID1 input, for example, when
you want to watch a tape on the VCR. To set up the Autotuning feature:
1. Press MENU (the Main Menu appears).
2. Highlight Setup and press OK on your remote.
3. Highlight Autotuning and press OK.
4. Choose which device button you would like to set:
Set DVD Channel Lets you set up the channel the TV/DVD tunes to when you press the
DVD button.
AUX Channel Lets you set up the channel the TV/DVD tunes to when you press
the SAT
AUX button.
5. Press the right arrow button to select the choice that matches the way you have the device
connected to this TV.
10 CBS
25 min.
06:05 PM
English 720p CC
Parental Control TV-G
Note : This feature
only works with
other RCA devices.
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< OK >: Enter Sub-menu
Menu Language English
Light Sensor OFF
Autotuning ...