RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

5 DVD Functions-Playing Discs
Regional Coding
Your DVD player has been designed to process regional management information that is
stored on DVD discs. DVD discs that have different regional codes to that of your player
cannot be played. The regional code for your player is 1. All means all regions. When you buy
a disc check that it bears the correct logo.
Compatible discs and formats
While advances have been made to ensure that your disc player is compatible with the
largest number of discs possible, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to play discs
which might not be compliant with audio CD,VCD and SVCD standards. In the case of
writable and rewritable discs, compatibility with this player depends on the DVD writer, the
write software and the disc used.
DVD-Video(Digital Versatile Disc)
DVD+RW, DVD-RW (DVD Rewritable)
Audio/Video format or JPEG files.
DVD+R, DVD-R (DVD Recordable)
Audio/Video format or JPEG files.
CD-R (CD-Recordable)
Audio/Video format or JPEG files.
CD-RW (CD-Rewritable)
Audio/Video format or JPEG files.
Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio)
Audio/Video format or JPEG files.
Supported formats
1. JEPG/ISO format: this player can only read files with the “.jpg” extension.
2. This player can only display DCF-standard still pictures or JPEG pictures such as TIFF.
Basic playback operations
Models with disc slot:
1. Turn on the TV/DVD, press the DVD button to turn to DVD mode.
2. Load the disc in the disc slot with the printed side upwards (in the case of a single-sided
Play starts automatically, if not, press PLAY, or
For DVD, the disc menu appears. One of its options can be selected to start playing the
disc. Select it with arrow or number buttons, then press OK to start playback, or else.
3. Press STOP to stop playback.
42 Chapter 5 DVD Functions-Playing Discs