RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

10 Chapter 1 Connections and Setup
Step 3
1. Take the Stand Base Assembly and the Hinge Cover.
2. Locate the Hinge Cover by aligning the biggest tab
fastener to the biggest slot on the Stand Base.
3. Push and fasten the Hinge Cover to the Stand Base. Be
sure all 3 tab fasteners snap firmly in place.
(Note: model
L32HD33D only has 2 tab fasteners)
Step 4
Remove the Stand Cap from the TV cabinet by pushing on
the small tab and pulling out the Cap.
Step 5
Attach the fully assembled Table Stand to the TV
cabinet by inserting the Hinge into the cabinet and
aligning the Hinge Guide to the Slot Opening.
Hinge Guide
Slot Opening
Stand Cap