RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

34 Chapter 3 Using TV Features
Lock/Unlock Parental Controls
When the Parental Control menu is accessed from the Main menu and the parental controls
are permanently unlocked, the following message is displayed:
“Parental controls are UNLOCKED. Rating limits and channel block will NOT require a pass-
word to view the picture. Use “Lock parental controls” to lock. Press OK key to continue.”
Pressing OK displays the Parental Control menu and highlight Lock Parental Control.
To lock/unlock parental controls, press OK, then enter a 4 digit password using the digit keys.
Note: When you enter the correct password, the Password menu is cleared and you will enter the
Parental Control menu. If an invalid password is entered, you must enter again. If you forget your
password, you can enter the factory default code: 4116. If you want to change the password, go to page
39 for more information.
V-Chip Rating Screen
The following is an example of where items are located within the TV Ratings option with the
US V-Chip menu.
US V-Chip TV Ratings
Blocking Age-Based Ratings
You can automatically block all program ratings above a specified age-based rating level.
1. Choose Parental Control from the Main menu. If parental controls have previously been
locked, you must enter your password.
2. Highlight and select V-Chip. Then highlight and select US V-Chip.
3. Highlight and select TV Ratings.
4. Press the up or down arrow button to scroll to the rating corresponding with the lowest
rating you do not want the child to watch.
5. Press the OK button to toggle between View and Block. The status for the rating and all
higher ratings automatically changes to Block.
Note: If you do
not lock parental
controls, none of
the settings for
V-Chip, Button
Block or Block
Channel will take
Rating Status Field
Lets you select whether the status of the age-
based rating to the left limit is view or block.
Rating Field
Lets you select
from a list of age-
based ratings you
can block or view.
Content Themes
Lists the content
themes you can
block or view.
Parental Control
Go Back
To lock parental controls,
enter 4 digit password using the digit keys.
Lock Parental Control
Select Channel 51 MTV
Block Channel
Button Block
V-Chip ...
Change Password ...
Content Status Fields
Lets you select which content themes to view for
the selected rating, and whether the status of
the content theme is currently unlocked ( ) or
locked ( ).