RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

36 Chapter 3 Using TV Features
Blocking Canada V-Chip Ratings
If you receive Canadian programs you can block Canadian English and French V-Chip by
ratings only. When you block a particular rating, you automatically block the higher rated pro-
grams as well. To block Canadian English and French program ratings:
1. Press MENU on the remote control (the TV's Main Menu appears).
2. Select Parental Control.
3. Select V-Chip.
4. Select Canada V-Chip.
5. Highlight English Ratings or French Ratings and press OK.
6. Press the down arrow button to scroll to the rating you want to change.
7. Press the OK button to change its status to block (all ratings above the one you selected
change to block).
Future Rating Region
You might notice an option in your Parental Control menu that wasn't there before. This is
because broadcasters have the capability to add a new rating system for TV programs. These
ratings let you define additional parameters for parental controls. This option and its name are
dependent on the content acquired from the broadcaster.
Reset Downloadable Data
Select this option to reset the downloadable V-Chip data.
Blocking Unrated/Exempt Programs
The Unrated/Exempt Ratings option lets you decide if programs that the V-Chip recognizes as
unrated or exempt can be viewed. Unrated TV programs may include news, sports, political,
religious, local and weather programs, emergency bulletins, public announcements, and pro-
grams without ratings. The Exempt option applies to both USA and Canadian unrated pro-
grams and Canadian programs rated E.
Press the down arrow button to highlight Unrated/Exempt. Then press OK to toggle between
View and Block.
View All unrated programs are available
Block All unrated programs are not available.
Block Channel
Turn this option on to block the channel you see in the Select Channel option.
Use the left/right arrow buttons to find the channel you want to block, then press the down
arrow button to select Block Channel. Press OK to place a check mark in the Block Channel
box to block the channel. When you tune to that channel you'll need to enter a password to
view the channel if parental control is locked.
Button Block
Select this option to block (disable) or unblock (enable) the TV’s side panel buttons so that they
can't be used by someone, like a young child. The remote still tunes to any channel. If you're
using this to keep children from changing channels, remove access to any remote that is
capable of operating the television while you have the side panel blocked. Don’t forget to lock
parental controls after you change the status. If you don’t, the Button Block action will not take
Note: You must
remember to lock
parental controls for
rating limits to take
Note: These ratings
are available only if
the broadcaster is
sending them.
English Ratings
Go Back
Press OK to view/block.
Parental Control
Go Back
<OK/L/R>: Select
Lock Parental Control
Select Channel 51 MTV
Block Channel
Button Block
V-Chip ...
Change Password ...