RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

48 Chapter 7 Other Information
7 Other Information
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What’s the quickest way to view High Definition (HD) video?
Connect an off-air antenna to the ANTENNA/CABLE Input to view free local digital channels.
You might need to purchase an antenna. Go to page 12 for more information.
Visit www.antennaweb.org for help deciding what type of antenna to use to receive the local
digital channels available to you. By entering where you live, this mapping program tells you
which local analog and digital stations are available using a certain antenna.
Are there other ways to view High Definition (HD) video?
Besides using an off-air antenna as mentioned above, you can also use a set-top box to receive
digital video. Contact your cable company or satellite provider to purchase digital programming
and have them connect the box for you to ensure you're viewing channels the best way.
How do I tell an analog channel from a digital channel?
Press the INFO button to display the channel banner. Look at the bottom left corner of the
screen. An A is displayed for an analog channel. A D is displayed for a digital channel.
Why are there bars on my screen and can I get rid of them?
Most digital video is sent in a 16/9 format which does fill your screen, but is sometimes sent in
4/3 which does not fill your screen. It depends on how the station or device connected to your
TV is formatting the video. If there are bars on the screen, press the FORMAT button to try a
different format that may eliminate the bars. Some bars can't be removed because of the way the
format is sent by the broadcaster. The format changes as you press the FORMAT button and the
format type is displayed at the bottom of the screen. For more information on screen formats, go
to page 37.
Why does channel search find a lot of channels, but when I try to tune to
them there’s nothing there?
Some channels enabled by the cable company don’t carry programming, such as video on
demand. When channels are unavailable, your TV’s screen is blank or appears like snow. You
probably want to remove these channels from your channel list. Remove these in the Channel
List menu. Go to page 40 for more information.
Why does the first channel search take a long time?
If you have both analog and digital channels, the TV is looking for all available channels in the
channel list. If you do have digital channels, the TV is also searching for scrambled channels,
non-scrambled channels, and each sub-channel of that digital channel.