RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

Other Information Chapter 7 53
G (General Audience) Programming considered acceptable for all ages groups. While not designed specifi-
cally for children, it is understood younger viewers may be part of the audience. Violence Guidelines: Will
contain very little violence, either physical or verbal or emotional. Will be sensitive to themes which could
frighten a younger child, will not depict realistic scenes of violence which minimize or gloss over the effects of
violent acts. Other Content Guidelines: There may be some inoffensive slang, no profanity and no nudity.
C8+ (Children 8 and older) Programming generally considered acceptable for children 8 years and over to
watch on their own. Violence Guidelines: Violence will not be portrayed as the preferred, acceptable, or only way
to resolve conflict or encourage children to imitate dangerous acts which they may see on television. Any realistic
depictions of violence will be infrequent, discreet, of low intensity and will show the consequences of the acts.
Other Content Guidelines: There will be no profanity, nudity or sexual content.
C (Children) Programming intended for children under age 8. Violence Guidelines: Careful attention is paid to
themes which could threaten children’s sense of security and well being. There will be no realistic scenes of
violence. Depictions of aggressive behavior will be infrequent and limited to portrayals that are clearly imaginary,
comedic or unrealistic in nature. Other Content Guidelines: There will be no offensive language, nudity or sexual
Canadian French V-Chip Rating System
18+ (Adult) Programming is for adults only. This program contains sustained violence or extremely violent
16+ (Viewer 16 and over) Programming is not suitable for those under age 16. This program contains frequent
scenes of violence or intensely violent scenes.
13+ (Viewer 13 and over) Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. This program
either contains several violent scenes or one or more scenes that are violent enough to affect them. Viewing in
the company of an adult is therefore strongly recommended for children under the age of 13.
8+ (Viewer 8 and over) Not recommended for young children. This program is suitable for most audiences,
but it contains mild or occasional violence that could upset young children. Viewing in the company of an adult
is therefore recommended for young children (under the age of 8) who do not distinguish between reality and
G (General Audience) This program is suitable for audiences of all ages. It contains no violence, or any
violence that it does contain is either minimal or is presented in a humorous manner, as a caricature, or in an
unrealistic way.