RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

24 Chapter 2 Using the remote control
OK When in the menu system, selects highlighted items.
PIC Press to display the Picture submenus.
OFF When in TV mode, turns the TV/DVD on or off. If in another mode (SAT
AUX or
DVD) and programmed, will turn the device on or off.
REW, REPLAY, PLAY, NEXT, FWD, REC, STOP, PAUSE (buttons at TOP of the remote)
If programmed, provides transport control for some remote-controllable devices, for example,
VCRs or DVD players.
ZZZ (SLEEP) Press to display the Time menu and set Sleep Timer.
AUX Places the remote in SAT/AUX mode. If Autotuning is enabled, turns on the TV and
tunes it to the satellite or cable box Video Input Channel. This button lights when you press a
valid button in SAT/AUX mode (see Modes of Operation on page 28 for more details).
TV Turns on the TV and puts the remote in TV mode. Also displays current status.
V-CHIP Press to display the Parental Control submenu directly.
VOL - or VOL + Decreases or increases the TV’s volume.
Using the INPUT Button
Use the INPUT button to scroll through the available video input channels and view devices
you have connected to the TV.
1. Make sure the device you want to view is turned ON.
2. Press INPUT to tune to an available video input source and view the device.
3. To return to the previous channel, press INPUT until you return to the channel.
DVD Functions
Some of the remote buttons can be used in DVD mode.
STOP Stops playback.
PAUSE Pauses playback.
REW Starts fast reverse.
FWD Starts fast foward.
REPLAY Skip to previous title/chapter/track.
NEXT Skip to next title/chapter/track.
OK Confirms menu selection.
MENU Enters or exits the system menu.
CH LIST Starts playback from a designated point.
F1 Selects an audio setting (DVD).
F2 Selects various repeat mode.
F3 Selects different camera angles if available.
F4 Shows title menu
CC Selects a DVD subtitle language.