Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

To adjust the volume level, use the buttons or buttons.
To temporarily stop the volume, press the MUTE( )button.
To cancel mute, press the MUTE( )button again or press the
buttons or buttons.
When you want to change the audio language of current service,
press the GREEN( )button firstly.
The on-screen menu is displayed on the top to left side of the
To change the audio language:
1. buttons : Use to select the audio on the left, right or both.
2. buttons : Use to select the audio language you want.
3. OK, EXIT button : When this button is pressed, the Soundtrack
OSD will disappear keeping the selected
Soundtrack language constant.
When the current service is switched, the audio language returns to
the audio language that was selected in previous service. lf the
returned audio language is invalid, the audio language that you
selected from the audio language menu has the priority of playback.
Soundtracks broadcast in Dolby Digital are indicated by
Dolby Digital symbols either side of the respective language
selection in the menu. By selecting such a soundtrack the Dolby
Digital audio will be output by the optical S/PDIF on the STB.
This can be decoded by an external Dolby Digital television or
amplifier, for example.
When the current broadcasting programme provides subtitle, press
the SUBTITLE( )button to see the current subtitle language list.
To change the subtitle language:
1. Use the buttons to select a Subtitle language you want.
2. Press the OK button and the selected language is highlighted
and then the Subtitle Language you want is displayed on the
Press the EXIT button to cancel the Subtitle mode.
Use your TV Remote Control Unit to control the Teletext service.
The teletext button doesn’t exist on the STB Remote Control Unit.
When the service supports Teletext, the Teletext icon( ) is
displayed on the I-plate.
Volume Control