Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

You can set the Current Time and Wakeup Time in this mode.
Furthermore, the Service Number in the Wakeup mode and Sleep
Time(standby mode) can be set. When a VCR is connected,
recording can be automatically done according to
Wakeup/Sleep Time Setting.
To set the Current Time, enter the Offset value using the
standardised information of current service area.
The time setting will be used as the standardised time for the
I-Plate, TV Guide, Wakeup and Sleep Timer.
Current Time is based on TDT(Time and Data Table) at the stream
of the current service.
You can select nine kinds of Timer like 1, 2.......8 and Disabled.
If you select “Disabled”, then the other timers will not work. Press the
OK button at timer option to display the Timer table. The Timer
determines the on/off time and can also be used for VCR recording.
Wakeup/Sleep timer determines the Timer Mode.
• Once : The timer programming is applied only once.
• Daily : The timer recording is applied everyday repeatedly.
• Weekly : The timer recording is applied weekly.
(Set one day in a week).
Use the buttons to select the type of timer programming.
Select the time when STB is turned on.
Use the NUMERIC buttons(0~9) on the remote control unit to enter
your Wakeup Time.
Use the buttons to set the service number provided for the set
Wakeup Time.
Use the TV/Radio( ) button on the remote control unit to toggle
TV/Radio service.
The Service Name that has been determined by the
Wakeup Service No. will be shown.
Depending on Time Setting, select the time when STB is turned off.
Time Setting
Current Time
Time Offset
Timer Mode
Wakeup Time
Wakeup Service No.
Service Name
Sleep Time
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