Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

Set the video mode for the TV SCART output.
Set the audio mode which is output from the TV SCART
and RCA/Cinch Jack. (Stereo/Mono)
lf Dolby Digital option is ON and the broadcaster provides
the Dolby Digital stream, the Dolby Digital audio language is
firstly selected when changing the service.
Select the aspect ratio of TV which is connected to
STB(4:3 or 16:9).
Select the format which the video is to be displayed on screen.
When your TV set is 4:3 and video source is 16:9,
STB will display in Letter-box or Centre mode as selected.
When your TV set is 16:9 and video source is 4:3,
STB will display in the Pillar-box or Full mode as selected.
Adjust this value between 3.58 and 4.43 if your TV displays the
video only in black and white color. Normally NTSC 3.58 mode is
used worldwide, but some TV sets can support only NTSC 4.43
You select the STB output by using the UHF channel.
Select an UHF channel. The range of channels and frequency
value are different for each PAL Standard:
PAL I/G for Europe : CH21 ~ CH69
PAL B for Europe/Australia : CH28 ~ CH69
PAL D for China : CH13 ~ CH62
PAL K for Russia : CH21 ~ CH69
Select a PAL Standard according to the above range of channels.
Adjust the fine tuning value. The Offset ranges from -4 to +4 and
each Offset represents 1MHz.
A/V Output Setting
UHF Tuning
Video Output(CVBS/S-Video/RGB)
Audio Output
Screen Mode
Dolby Digital
Display Format
PAL Standard