Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

4-3. Service Searching
Enter the PIN code to access the Service Searching menu
as you access the Parental Control or Service Organising menu.
Press the OK button to start Service Search after setting the
** The default PIN code is .
Selects the antenna and LNB settings for Service search.
As you can change the settings for 22KHz Tone, 0/12V and DiSEqC
switch, there are 32 possible Antenna Setting for use.
The values that are set in this menu will be available for selection in
other service searching menus.
There are 32 antenna alternatives, each one can have different
combinations of settings for 22KHz Tone, 0/12V and DiSEqC switch.
Selects the Satellite Name that corresponds to the value of the
Antenna Alternative.
1. Press the buttons to display the satellite list box.
2. Select the wanted Satellite Name.
3. If the desired Satellite Name is not listed then select User
4. The keyboard will appear and you can type the Satellite Name
The selected Satellite Name can help you select the Antenna
Alternative in the searching menu, but it is possible to change
or select the Satellite Name only in the Antenna Setting menu.
: In case the selected satellite is used as OTA target satellite,
automatic detection of the OTA target satellite might not work
properly if you change or edit the name of the satellite.
5. Satellite Name is listed in alphabetical order and the order can be
changed according to Menu Language.
6. When inputting the Satellite Name, there is a 14 character limit.
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Antenna Alternative
Satellite Name
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