Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

Detail Mode
The pre-fixed symbol rate list is changed according to Antenna
Alternative and Satellite Name. If you want to add or change it,
press the RED( )button.
** The value of Pre-fixed symbol rates can not be editable.
(22000, 27500)
The picture of the Symbol Rate Add/Change mode is as follows:
1. When you press the RED( )button after entered to detail
mode from search type, yellow box will be trimmed with red
edges meaning edit is possible.
2. You can easily put optional value with using
NUMERIC buttons(0~9).
3. Press the RED( )button for confirmation, and you will
successfully exit from input mode.
If press the OK button at symbol rate value input mode,
the value will be confirmed, and if you moves left or right
column use the buttons, you can differ values of
symbol rate to input. Then press the EXIT and the
RED( )button to exit from input mode.
To delete a Symbol Rate in the above list, press the
0(NUMERIC button) in the selected position and then the
symbol rate disappears.
The range of Symbol Rate that is input additionally is 16-30Ms/s.
Note : The user should select the Satellite name in Antenna
Setting menu. When the user types the Satellite Name
separately, the search type is fixed to the Detail mode.
Press the OK button anywhere to start Automatic Search.
The picture during searching is as follows.
The picture searches with varying frequency, Symbol Rate and
FEC etc. Satellite Name is the name that the user selects to
correspond with Antenna Alternative of Antenna Setting.
The progress bar(%) appears on bottom of the picture.
During the search, services that are found are displayed as follows:
1. Press the EXIT button during Automatic Search to stop search.
2. After the search is finished, the appearite message appears.
3. Press the OK button to return Service Search menu.
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