Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

When you enter the Satellite Name that is set in Antenna Setting
menu, search all of the selected satellite without inputting the extra
Select the target antenna for Automatic Service Search.
The attribute of this antenna alternative number is already set
in Antenna Setting menu and the Satellite Name is helpful in the
selection of the antenna, but in this menu you cannot change the
Satellite Name.
• You can select one of two modes(Quick or Detail).
• When you select Quick mode, it searches the service by search
• parameters that is preset.
• When you select Detail mode, it searches the service through all
field of tuner(950-2150MHz).
• You can select Yes or No. When you select “Yes”, you can find
more transponders using the home network.
• As it refers to NIT during searching, if there is the frequency
information of other transponder, it searches the other
transponder besides the transponder that the user inputs.
Automatic Search
Antenna Alternative
Search Type
Network Search