Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

If you are watching a programme with a Dolby Digital soundtrack(see page E14) you can
enjoy the higher quality sound of the Dolby Digital audio by connecting the STB to an
external Dolby Digital television or amplifier. Do this by connecting the optical S/PDIF
output of the STB to the optical S/PDIF input of the external Dolby Digital product
(television, amplifier,.....).
HUMAX digital set-top box is a highly sophisticated product - incorporating one of the best
software applications.
Whenever a problem is found with this software or, in fact, extra functions or enhanced
applications are added, the software in the equipment has to be upgraded.
In order to maintain proper performance of the product, it is essential to have the most
up to date software. The latest news and release of software versions may be found at
HUMAX website -
It is recommended that users register to HCSA(HUMAX Customer Service Area) and
periodically check for the availability of software upgrade.
There are three methods to upgrade the software:
(a) set-top box to set-top box download(copies the software of the main unit into slave unit);
(b) pc to set-top box download(downloads the software directly from pc to the model
requiring upgrade);
(c) OTA over-the-air(downloads the software where the manufacturer reserves the right to
decide when and where to release through satellite system).
Over The Air(OTA) is simply another alternative for downloading software versions.
However, the manufacturer reserves the right to decide when and where this software
upgrade can take place by "beaming" latest software versions over the air via satellite
systems. Note that OTA is only limited to certain geographical regions mainly due to
different satellites having different footprints(area where the signal can be received).
SUSS(TM) is an official trademark and logo for HUMAX loader software to perform OTA.
The software upgrade via satellite system will only occur under the following circumstances:
1) the equipment should have appropriate loader software;
2) the manufacturer decides to release software downloading via a designated satellite
3) the equipment must be "tuned" properly to the same satellite that the manufacturer uses.
CRCI-5500 complies with the OTA type of CryptoWorks.
6. Software Upgrade
5. Connect a S/PDIF Fiber-Optic cable