Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

Performs a manual search with the ability to enter PID(Video/Audio/
PCR) values. This mode is necessary when you search for the
signal that has abnormal service Infornation tables.
The setting of the sub items is the same as Manual Search.
You can set PID to search for services.
1. Use the buttons to select PID input mode.
2. Use the NUMERIC buttons(0~9) on the remote control unit to
enter a decimal PID value.
3. In the hexadecimal input mode, press one of the NUMERIC
buttons(0~9) to display a hexadecimal keyboard.
4. Enter a hexadecimal PID value.
: If no PID is input(Auto is displayed), the Advanced Search
functions same as Manual Search.
5. After the above mentioned value is set, press the OK button to
start Service Search.
: The picture and the found service list during Advanced
Search are identical with the ones during Manual Search.
In case that several generations use Antenna and LNB in common,
as the frequency range of signal is input to STB is down as much as
LNB L.O.(Local Oscillator) frequency, search the service from
950 - 2150MHz.
Inputs not RF frequency but the frequency that is down converted
through LNB in common. The unit is MHz and the range of input is
950 - 2150MHz.
Inputs the Symbol Rate of the signal you want to find.
You can select the value of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 or Auto.
As there is whether the LNB Power of STB is necessary or not
according to the sort of IF-IF converters, select a suitable option for
Advanced Search
SMATV Search
Symbol Rate
LNB Power
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