Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

Service Search OSD
• If you press the EXIT button during the search, then
Service Search stops and the searching menu will appear.
• When you find all the services, the following picture appears.
• Before saving it, you can select the services you want to delete.
Found services OSD
• The picture above shows services that are found after Manual
• Use the RED( )button to mark the services that you want to
To unmark a service, select the service and press the
RED( )button again.
• Press the OK button to save, or press the EXIT button to exit
without saving.
• Then Service Search menu appears again. When you exit from
all menus, the first service of the found service list is played.
In the bottom of found service picture, network, the information of
transponder and the number of found service that the services
belong to are displayed.
The deleted service by the RED( )button is excepted from
counting of the number of services.
The deleted service is not included in this number.
“Free” applies to the empty space of the memory.
It will be used to store future services.
Guide of Main Menu