Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

1. Select the L.O. Frequency that is set to antenna.
2. Use the buttons to select the LNB frequency(Universal,
5150, 9750, 10600, 10750, 11475MHz or 0, 1, ......., 9).
3. If the required LNB Frequency is not available, then select “0”
and enter the frequency manually using the
NUMERIC buttons(0~9).
4. When you select Universal, both 9750 and 10600MHz are
supported at the same time.
The 22KHz Tone setting is unnecessary. (Disabled)
When you use a dual LNB or two antennas connected
to a 22KHz Tone switch box, make 22KHz Tone switch enable or
disable to select LNB or antenna.
When you use two LNBs or antennas is switched to
0/12V, select what LNB and antenna are used enable or disable.
0/12V terminal is located on the rear of STB.
According to the option and position of DiSEqC switch,
select Disabled, Tone Burst A to B and DiSEqC A to D.
After setting the above mentioned value, press the OK button
to move to the Manual Search menu.
The Motorised System is used to set the DiSEqC 1.2 motor
by Eutelsat specification.
If you wish to use this system, please refer to page E42.
LNB Frequency
22KHz Tone
0/12Volt Switch
DiSEqC Input
Motorised System