Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

To set the West Limit:
a) Select Movement and use the buttons to move your motor East or West until the motor is at
the position you wish to use as your West Limit. Use the buttons to stop the motor at the
correct position.
b) Highlight the Store West Limit option and press the OK button to store the current position as your
West Limit.
The purpose of this is to set the motor position for each satellite manually. This is useful if the satellite you
require is not available from the pre-programmed list(see 3 above).
To do this, you must access the Satellite Settings menu. Do as follows;
1. Select Service Searching from the main menu and press the OK button, to display the Service
Searching menu.
2. Select the Manual Search option and press the OK button, to display the Manual Search menu.
Select the relevant Antenna Alternative that you are using for this satellite.
3. Enter the Frequency, Polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC of a transponder on the satellite you wish to find.
This transponder information should be unique to this satellite.
4. Select the Antenna Alternative option and press the OK button, to display the Satellite Settings menu.
5. Highlight the option DiSEqC Command Mode and using the buttons change this to Installer.
6. Highlight the option Satellite name and use the buttons to select the satellite you want to find,
use others if the name of the satellite you want does not appear.
7. When you have selected the satellite you wish to find, go down to the Movement option and again using
the buttons to start the motor moving.
8. You should move the motor as far west as possible and the move it east so that you cover the
complete movement range of the motor.
9. During the move from west to east the Signal Quality bar should register a signal once. This is the
position of the satellite. If there are two or more different positions which registers a signal, then you
must choose another frequency that is unique to the satellite you want.
10. Use the Signal and Strength Quality bar at the bottom of the screen to judge the best position of the dish.
11. Use the buttons to stop the motor when required.
12. When you have the best position of the dish go to the Motor Control option and using the buttons
select store and press the OK button. The position of the satellite should now be stored.
13. If you do not store this position, it will be lost when you exit the menu.
14. Repeat the process for each satellite if required, remembering to use a different antenna alternative for
each satellite.
5. Manual Satellite Search