Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

You can set a parental guidance rating to each programme
in this mode.
1. When the OK button is pressed after selecting the highlighted
parental control on the initial menu screen, a display window
for entering the PIN code will appear on the centre of screen.
** The default PIN code is .
2. Enter the PIN code on the display window.
(If any problem occurs when entering a PIN code, you cannot
switch to the next mode.)
3. Set the parental guidance rating of highlighted censorship
The parental level is given as age-based numbers :
no block, 6, 10, 14, 18 and total block. Enter the PIN code
to unlock or lock programmes.
4. To change your PIN code:
• Select the highlighted Old PIN code using the buttons
and then enter your Old PIN code.
• Enter a New PIN code in the highlighted New PIN code
using the buttons.
• To verify the New PIN code, re-enter a New PIN code in the
highlighted Verify Changed PIN code.
5. When the entered PIN code is correct, then all settings are
(If the PIN code is wrong, the message “PIN code mismatch”
will be displayed on the display window. When the OK button
is pressed at this time, the Old PIN code is valid and the
cursor is located in the first position of this menu.)
3. Parental Control
Guide of Main Menu