Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

The user will select a single programme provider by selecting its
distributor label and you can get the information of available
You can see the vaild period of each service.
PPV(Pay Per View)
If you purchased events in advance, the entitlements of
Pay Per View events will be displayed.
IPPV(Impulse Pay Per View)
You can purchase an event during the active broadcast of the event
without pre-ordering. The entitlements of Impulse Pay Per View
events will be displayed. In this menu you need PIN code.
The STB is required by CryptoWorks(TM) to include a parental
control facility for the viewing of restricted programmes.
This can be set to “Disable MR” or PG(Parental Guide) to over 18.
The correct PIN code is required to change this option.
In this menu you can make PIN code enabled, disabled or changed.
Enable PIN code
You can enable the PIN code.
Disable PIN code
You can disable the PIN code.
Modify PIN code
You can change the PIN code by using the NUMERIC buttons(0~9)
on the RCU. You will need to enter the old PIN code before you can
enter new PIN code.
The STB can receive maximum 10 mails from programme providers.
To check and see the mails press the OK button.
In the Mail list you can view or delete the mails.
If you store 10 mails and a new mail arrives, the oldest mail will be
erased and the new mail will be stored.
Specifications are for CRCI-5500 models.
Available Entitlements
Maturity Rating
PIN Code
Mail box