Humax VA-5200 Satellite TV System User Manual

4-4. Status
Displays the information of H/W Version, S/W Version,
Loader Version and CI CAM of STB and so on.
F1-5000 doesn’t support CI CAM.
Shows the Signal Level(AGC level) and Signal Quality(BER) of the
current service and is help to the initial antenna setting.
You can download and upgrade the software of this STB via a
satellite when the software of new version is released.
Do not turn off the STB during downloading.
When the power is switched OFF, turn on the STB and the
process will be continued.
CRCI-5500 models are not applicable.
4-5. Common Interface
You can enjoy not only scrambled services using the Conditional
Access Modules(CAM), but also Free-To-Air services.
This STB currently supports six kinds of CAM(VIACCESS™,
Nagravision, CONAX, CryptoWorks(TM), Irdeto or Mediaguard).
Common Interface module and Smart Card depend on the service
provider. If you need CAM, contact your service provider or
: If CAM is not used, then only Free-To-Air services are
F1-5000, VA-5200 models are not applicable.
STB Status
Signal Detection
STB Upgrade