Magnavox MRV660 DVD Recorder User Manual

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The necessary cable connections must be
made before you can record or playback
TV programs using your DVD recorder.
Selecting a suitable connection to
your TV
When you install your DVD recorder for
the first time, select
one of the following
options to connect the DVD recorder
and your TV.
Option 1: Using Y Pb Pr jacks
Select this if your TV is equipped with
component video jacks. It provides the
best picture quality (see pages 11~12.)
Option 2: Using S-Video (Y/C) jack
Select this if your TV is equipped with a
S-Video (SVHS) jack. It provides
excellent picture quality (see page 13.)
Option 3: Using Video (CVBS) jack
Select this if your TV is equipped with a
Video (CVBS) jack. It provides good
picture quality (see page 14.)
Option 4: Using Antenna In jack
Select this if your TV is equipped with an
Antenna In jack only (see page 15.)
Connecting to TV
Setting the TV to the correct video
in channel
1 Press STANDBY-ON 2 on the DVD
recorder to turn it on.
2 Turn on the TV and set it to the correct
video-in channel. You should see the blue
DVD background screen or the first
installation screen on the TV.
Usually this channel is between the
lowest and highest channels and may be
called FRONT, A/V IN, VIDEO. See your
TVs manual for more details.
Or, you may go to channel 1 on your
TV, then press the Channel down button
repeatedly until you see the Video In
Or, the TV remote control may have a
button or switch that chooses different
video modes.
Or, set the TV to channel 3 or 4 if you
are using an RF modulator.
If the TV shows a blank screen or
distorted picture,
it may be due to the DVD recorders
video output setting does not match with
the video connection. You can reset the
system as below :
1 Disconnect the DVD recorders
~MAINS from the power supply.
2 Press and hold while you reconnect
its ~ MAINS to the power supply.
When you complete the connections
and turn on the DVD recorder for
the first time, you must complete
the First Installation. This set up TV
channels, menu languages and other
features (see pages 24~25.)
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