Magnavox MRV660 DVD Recorder User Manual

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Connecting to TV (contd)
The Component Video (Y Pb Pr) method
of transmitting pictures produces the
highest quality as the video signal is split
into its Y (brightness), Pb and Pr (blue
minus brightness, red minus brightness)
components. The signals are transmitted
via separate cables. The cables and the
associated jacks are mostly colored red,
green and blue.
Have the following cables ready:
1) Antenna cable
2) Component video cable (red/green/blue,
not supplied)
3) Audio cables (red/white)
1 Turn off your TV and remove the antenna
cable from your TV (or Satellite Receiver/
Cable Box.) Insert it to the ANTENNA
input jack at the back of the DVD
2 Use the supplied antenna cable to
connect the DVD recorders TV output
jack to the antenna input jack at the back
of your TV set.
3 Use the component video cable to
connect the DVD recorders
to the corresponding component video
input jacks (or labeled as YUV or
Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) at the back of your TV set.
4 Use an audio cable (red/white) to
connect the DVD recorders
AUDIO L/R (OUT 1) jack to the audio
input jack at the back of your TV set (or
labeled as AV In or Audio In.)
5 Connect the power cable from the DVD
recorders ~ MAINS to the power supply.
6 Press STANDBY-ON 2 on the DVD
recorder to turn it on.
The message 'IS THE TV ON?'
appears on the display panel.
7 Turn on the TV power. Select the correct
Video In channel at the TV (see page 10.)
The first installation menu
{ Language and Country } will appear
on the TV.
8 Proceed to page 24 to continue the first
Option 1: Using Y Pb Pr jacks
Antenna or
Satellite/Cable TV signal
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