Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

64 Chapter 4 Time Data and Sub LCD Menu
Chapter 4 Time Data and Sub LCD Menu
2 Press the HOLD button.
The first digit of the time data
(hours:minutes:seconds:frames) in the sub LCD
begins to flash.
To set all digits to 0
Press the RESET button.
3 Confirm the JOG indicator lights, and select jog
mode if not. (Shuttle mode is not recommendable.)
4 Select the digit to set by rotating the jog dial.
The flashing digit changes to the digit on the right
when you rotate the jog dial clockwise, and to the
digit on the left when you rotate it
5 Set the value for the flashing digit by rotating the
jog dial while pressing the search button.
6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you finish setting all
7 Press the SET button.
If the F-RUN/R-RUN item is set to F-RUN, the
timecode starts to advance immediately.
To set timecode to the current time
1 Set the F-RUN/R-RUN item to F-RUN and the
DF/NDF in the sub LCD menu to DF (for DSR-70)
(see page 73).
2 Carry out steps 1 to 6 of “To set an initial
timecode value” (on previous page) to set the
timecode to a time slightly ahead of the current
3 Press the SET button at the instant when the
current time matches the displayed timecode.
To set user bits
You can record up to 8 hexadecimal digits of
information (date, time, event number, etc.) in the
timecode track.
Proceed as follows.
1 Press the COUNTER SELECT button and select
2 Carry out steps 2 to 7 of “To set an initial
timecode value”.
Settings are made in hexadecimal (0, 1, 2,... 8, 9,
A, B,... E, F).
Setting Time Data