RCA BLD548 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Playing Discs and Using the Radio
28 Chapter 2
Clearing Items from the Programmed List
You can clear the last selected track or the complete list after you start playing the programmed list.
1. While the disc is playing, press STOP on the front panel, then press PLAY/PAUSE to begin
playing the disk so you can bring up the Info Display.
2. Press the INFO button.
3. Use the left/right arrow buttons to highlight the Play Mode icon.
4. Press the up/down arrow buttons until PROG (Program) appears.
5. Press ENTER on the remote to bring up the programmed list.
6. Use the left/right/up/down arrow buttons to highlight C or AC, and press ENTER.
C (CLEAR) clears the last programmed track.
AC (ALL CLEAR) clears all the tracks.
7. Use the left/right/up/down arrow and ENTER buttons to replace the last selected track or the
Using the Repeat Feature
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. There are two Repeat options:
DISC repeats the disc that is playing
TRACK repeats the track that is playing
To Use Repeat:
1. While a disc is playing, press INFO twice on the remote to bring up the Info Display.
2. Highlight the Repeat icon if its not already highlighted (OFF appears in the icon box).
3. Press the up/down arrow buttons to scroll through the Repeat options (DISC, TRACK, OFF)
until the Repeat option you want is displayed in the text box.
4. Press ENTER on the remote. The selected repeat option loops repeatedly until you turn Repeat
off. Repeat is turned off by completing steps 1 through 3 above, and selecting the OFF option.